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WandaVision episode 7 spoilers 

Okay but after WandaVision is over they should release a show called Agatha All Along which is just the same events from Agatha's perspective.

They can replace the real world bits with Agatha backstory or fun little tidbits of what she is up to while off screen.

What are ways of re-framing practicing a new skill so you don't get discouraged before you begin to see improvement?

Sci Fi authors right about unshackling AI as if Humans aren't just as shackled already.

If I were white and wanted to break shit while a protest were going on I would simply do it in a different part of town while the police were at the protest to force them to decide to leave the protest to come deal with the violence elsewhere or let it go on unabated.

First game is a level for level remake of the original super mario but with a black woman protagonist and like cutscenes inserted between levels.

Anyone have the original booklet with all the lore from the original mario game?

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Idea game studio coop called Derivative works that takes existing games and basically does fan games of them and sells those.

verbose, wholesome, subtext 

Oh my goodness you are like funny and interesting and pretty and like I would like, if it's okay with you, to like spend some time with you and stuff and maybe we could go to the park and have a picnic or even maybe i dunno if you want to maybe hold hands? asoduasdojasdjiasd

I guess before I stand on the shoulders of giants I should ask them how they feel about it?

re: brief lewd text, denial, repetition 

You expected this text to be intentionally blank, or brief like the previous post did you not?

However this is going to break the pattern and thereby deny you what you were seeking.

But however it will still be denial and still be lewd so even if you were expecting this to be the exact opposite you still won't get that.

This is of course going to get a little bit rambly as I pad this out to its end.

[This space left intentionally full.]

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brief lewd text, denial 

[This space left intentionally blank]

Mass Suggestion, instructions at reader 

This one is boostable, but do not do it.

person 1: Did I do a good job mansplaining?

person 2: Well actually...

homoeroticism, mental control, super powers 

We've all heard about gently raising their chin with the tip of your sword but what about with telekinesis?

What if you use mind control to make them feel as if their chin is being gently raised by the tip of the sword while making them lift their head themselves?

Hipster grave robbers be like 

I really dug Frankenstein's monster back when it was underground you know?

rush limbaugh 

I hear lots of people making jokes about Rush Limbaugh and I don't get it?

Is he really that relevant? From what I understand he's pretty underground.

christianity, vore 

So if a fisher guts and eats fish what do you think a fisher of men does?

That's right Jesus was into vore.

But then there's the whole bread is body and wine is blood thing.

Jesus is a Vore Switch.

subtle snowball super power 

Every time you do something you get 1% better at it.

I wonder what they would do if you tried to change your legal name to a uuid? Yes that's right my legal name is 798689c2-2813-4099-b771

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