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"You can't use this against me so why would you want it?"

Against you? no. Use? yes. Do you really think you are important enough that we'd bother opposing you?

insincere job request, unless you've got something like this lol 

Dear fedi, how can I get 90k for just spending all day making posts on here? that i think is the ideal career.

I guess with running my own instance I'm technically paying $10 a month to be on here. Which is weird. If Facebook or Twitter were like we're gonna charge you I'd be like fuck that shit I'm out yet here I am. Giving you all this quality garbage for free


This space also left intentionally blank.

Makeup for impatient people 

This space left intentionally blank

Makeup for people who love palendromes 

Evo d'de ad

Make up for when you have covid 

jeffrey star

Content subjective to your interpretation, proceed with caution, or don't I'm just a sign 

Dog pile

Dnd, gruesome dispatching 

These characters will be some fun recurring villains for the party.

Party finds out they're immortal

Party traps them in their palanquin and sets it on fire.

Party stone shapes unconscious villains into the mountain.

Party goes back to make sure to fill their lungs with stone so they can't speak to cast when they wake back up.

That was a fun one time encounter.

Suggestive in tandem but innocent in isolation 

Anyone want to do some math lessons?

Math, impact play 

Y'all say you'll never use math again but when you need to figure out how much room you need behind you to swing that flogger that algebra will come in real handy.



green energy, predatory loans

What a roller coaster from oh thats a neat program to fuck that's awful and terrifying.

Swimsuit, selfie, eye contact 

Three angles of me in a new swimsuit. Was like how do I put this top on for awhile

would it be cute or off putting to plant spores in the corpses of the things our party kills to give them another chance at life?

Self care like talking with your co-workers about wages or taking a break from your work day to build a guillotine.

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