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climate change, uspol 

If I could stop Climate Change without destroying America I would do that. If I could stop Climate Change by destroying America I would do that; If I could stop Climate Change by weakening the power of some of its ruling class while leaving the power of the rest intact I would also do that.

normalize saying normalize in every normalized post until we normalize the world normalize no longer having any normalized meaning.

Selfie, eye contact, yellow 

You've heard of the girl in red get ready for...

The women in yellow.

No relation to Hastur

which i guess would really just be multiple accounts with a shared login and a front end that could easily switch between posting to either/any of them...

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I wish there was like subaccounts we could do so I could have a lewd alt without having to mess with a separate account.

If we had subaccounts I could have a know me in real life subaccount and lewd subaccount and then have separate heuristics for accepting/denying follow requests for each.

re: Selfie, eye contact, makeup, bonus image 

and one taken by Gina for a better quality image.

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Writing, date idea 

You get a deck of index cards with writing prompts on them. You draw one and try to collaboratively come up with a story using the prompt. When ideas start dying down draw a new card and tell a new story. Maybe you can try to see which stories can be in the same universe.

Bury your gays trope, necromancy 

A genre savvy necromancer has found out how to travel between worlds and is raising characters killed off in various fictional works.

This summer get ready to 'Unbury Your Gays'

Accessibility in gaming, resources

A massive compilation of resources, documents, tools, and more addressing accessibility in tabletop gaming, streaming, and life.

story idea, puns, word play 

Story about a Bard and Cleric who are best friends despite their very different personalities.

We'll Call it
Thots and Prayers.

Every human has a spirit that is designated to watch over them during their life. We call this there Assigned ghost at birth or AGAB for short.

Planar Shift, echoey audio, fungi 

Watched a documentary about Decay and now I am thinking The high priestess adversary whose abilities all kind of center around converting things to her side should be all fungus themed.

define romantic in a way that isn't self referential challenge 2021.

dating profile bio idea 

I'm not sure what this emotional availability thing is but could you teach me about it?

what does it mean to be emotionally available exactly?

re: federation test please ignore 

I didn't think this all the way throuhg how do I test this?

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