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Body horror, body joy, gentle encouragement, tough love 

Ignoring your gently glowing wings won't make them any less there. Closing the dozens of eyes covering them will not change what they've seen.

Spread your wings, open your eyes, be gentle with yourself as you conquer this reality.

physics, bad pickup lines 

Do you have an immovable place upon which to stand? Because I have a lever of sufficient length, and I want to move your world.

transformation sequences, show idea 3/3 fixed 

eep I think some of that got out of order with the pasting.

The song as they lower the protagonist into their grave is the same transformation opening credits song slowed down and inverted to be in a minor key.

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transformation sequences, show idea 3/3 

In the final episode they finally do figure out the protagonist's limits and in the process cause a fatal accident.
Our intrepid protagonist does one final transformation sequence into their funeral outfit as they die. Most of the final episode is the two gossips trying to deal with the guilt and horror at what they've done.
The song as they lower the protagonist into their grave is the same transformation

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show idea 2/3 

Each episode could feature a different mundane but out of the day-to-day challenge facing our protagonist and them using a new transformation sequence to deal with the problem.
And then having whatever strange outfit for the rest of the day because they keep forgetting to change back.
2 comic relief gossips try to figure out the exact limits of the protagonist's powers and half of the events are caused by their increasingly elaborate attempts to figure that out.

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transformation sequences, show idea 1/? 

Idea Television show where the protagonist is a normal person except for the special ability to do a transformation sequence and get whatever clothes/random equipment they need for their current situation.
The opening credits could actually be them doing their transformation sequence to get ready for work in the morning.
opening credits song slowed down and inverted to be in a minor key.

lewd, cw, meta 

Why is it good to be a jurisprudence fetishist?

Because if you ever get arrested you can always get off on a technicality.


pro capitalism folks, I have an idea.

Encourage a norm of 20 hour work weeks and higher wages so people have more time to shop and buy things.

People can make things in their free time and maybe sell those too causing more competition and better markets.

we need 20 hours work weeks and higher wages to save capitalism, spread the word!

Magic the gathering, sexually suggestive text

I hope someone out there is the right cross section of nerd to also appreciate this

Selfie, risque, flashing colors, eye contact 

Same image from earlier today just with some flashing rainbow colors

Bikini tops are confusing like what's the difference between this is too small and ink just self conscious?

can you describe the system you're interacting with in the form of a set of rules?

Folks occasionally joke about mastodon being a dating app but how come none of you have kissed me yet then?

How long until sci fi stories start referring to the bitcoin wars? How long until historical documentaries do?

Cryptocurrency, religion, bitcoin, christianity 

Folks say cryptocurrency when they mean bitcoin just like folks say religion when they mean christianity.

Risque, selfie, eye contact, open button up 

Good morning everybody.

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