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if your display name is actually words 

What are you even doing with your life?

lewd, subtle snowballing super powers 

remove the comma and read that CW again.

subtle snowball super powers 

Height theft: When in physical contact with someone you steal their height at a rate of one micrometer per second per foot of height you have.

to be clear we're talking about making jokes about such facilities not about using said facilities.

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idea: matrix universe story about the lives of the people who get taken over by agents after the takeover ends.

How traumatic and confusing is it. How does it effect them afterwards? Does it lead to support groups that leads to them figuring out about the matrix despite attempts to remove their memory of the possessed time?

magic: the gathering, phyrexians, bimbofication subversion 

Head empty, ready for compleation.

re: topless, thirst, selfie, eye contact 

I feel like this joke didn't get enough credit. its a thirst trap come on!

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kink roles 

What's with this whole dom or sub thing. Why can't we just wrestle for it?

Bahari, lessons, kink implied, niche content 

So if I were to start a Bahari study group who would want in? I promise we can all help each other learn a whole lot!

D&D magic items quiver of antici 

Arrows drawn from this quiver hang in the air after being fired until a command word is spoken that releases all the arrows at once. Each arrow deals additional force damage equal to the number of turns it remained frozen in air. In addition if 10 or more arrows are released at once you may take the best attack roll from all the attacks and apply it to all of the arrows.

The key word to release the arrows is "pation"

pandemic, horrifying thought 

what if its less then a year between the end of this pandemic and the start of the next one?

We really need to start working on cheap affordable enviro-suits as soon as everyone's vaccinated.

kink, impact play, taunting pictures 

I should get a riding crop so I can occasionally reply to old posts where someone didn't follow through on something with a picture or video of me with the crop and just "I'm waiting...." I could do it with a paddle but i feel like the crop would work so much better.

lewd alts meta 

Do you consider it rude for someone to follow your lewd alt and not your main if you follow them with your main

unreality, joke exposing sensitive financial information 

You're post apocalypse vault number is the 3 numbers on the back of your credit card. Mine's 777 what's yours?

pandemic, friendship, connection 

Are we starting at ground 0 connection wise, acting like long lost friends, resenting each other for not being there even though we couldn't be? whats the situation going to be?

Let's talk it out and figure it out now with light at the tunnel instead of being surprised at mis-matches in expectations when we see each other for the first time in however long in person in the next few months.

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pandemic, friendship, connection 

whose looking forward to untangling the knot of who was cool before the pandemic but hates each other know because of expectations of continued contact and maintenance of connection despite the myriad of various ways shapes and forms the exhaustion and stress of the pandemic has manifested for various folks?

this is a core memory.jpg 

This is a core belief.

Faith, horror 

Have you questioned a core belief today?

Quick while they are still young enough.

Do not feed them too much faith, you do not know what terrors lie beneath.

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