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setting idea: if the notifications for a particular post get to be more then X amount and exceed a rate of Y per minute, just don't do the sound notifications for that post in particular.

I know I can turn off sounds but like it would be nice to have them on most of the time except when a post is doing numbers.

fediverse meta, tongue in cheek, dear god please do not take this post seriously 

on second hand I'm not going to make this post, but i will make a post with the cw it had so you can speculate on what gloriousness this post would have been, if I had enough confidence in the fediverse to receive it.

anyone else on single user instances go to look at the local timeline before going oh right its just going to be me.

footnotes, racism* 

racism here meaning whatever actions you have taken that you were puffing yourself up to defend yourself about, or excuse in others before you opened up this post only to find a mirror showing you your own image.

would it be appropriate to use this field for the purpose of inverting the regular order of things for this field and the one below, as long as the content you put in here is not something that needs an actual warning about it but was only something you would attempt to describe in this field while putting it in the field below? 

meta, cw meta, meta cw meta

On the subject of descriptions of content exceeding the length of the content they describe or warn about, is there a word for this concept of like a warning being longer then the content it warns? 

Or is it a Lacuna?

Content warnings have no length limit it appears other then taking up part of the length limit of the post overall. This allows one to possibly have a content warning that is much longer then the content that is itself warned. This is not a bad thing because you could for example, give a complex and nuanced warning for content that although complex, is rather short. For example this dissapointing punchline to this long setup. 

[this space left intentionally blank]

random thoughts... I mean lots of posts are random but this could seem more serious if i don't preface it so yeah there's that. 

I dislike follow requests where i have no inkling who the person requesting to follow me is because I want to be engaged not consumed.

this isn't a subtoot at any of y'all just a random thing I came across elsewhere reminded me of this and venting a little annoyance. But if you felt like it might have been...sit with that and think on it.

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Fucking black people doesn't make you not racist. Plenty of folks used to own slaves and still fucked black people you're not special.

MCU, Anime, fathers, hot take 

Thanos was a better dad then Goku.

A true centrist put disposable income towards a 401k and radical leftist organizations simultaneously.

topless, thirst, selfie, eye contact 

Have you had enough water today? Here you go hydrate yourself.

how do I get folks to shower me in praise and affection when I'm feeling too tired to take a bunch of selfies for y'all?

Is that a bid for connection or are you just happy to shout into the void?

magic:the gathering, bodily fluid, corruption kink 

[this space left intentionally blank]

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