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kink shitpost 

I see arguments about subs vs dubs but what the hell is a dubmissive?

Horror movie where the black main characters nope out of the creepy situation in the first five minutes, and its actually just a comedy with news updates of white folks dying in the horror situation occasionally in the background.

These past several months have given me a deeper appreciation for the plight of Rogue from X-men.

petition to pool funds together to buy and turn it into a mastodon instance.

dr who spoilers, river song 

I am sad that blackWoman!Doctor and river song will never get to meet. they could have been great.

re: Incendiary message(spell idea) 

thank you everyone boosting this I chuckle inside at this happening

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Incendiary message(spell idea) 


compose a message of up to 140 characters and every creature in earshot must make a wisdom saving throw. On a failed save they take 3d10 psychic and fire damage and every creature within earshot of them must make the same saving throw. On a successful safe they take half damage and the type is only fire.

going to start calling all D&D characters capable of casting spells Magical girls.

dragons, fireplay 

do dragons still have breath weapons in human form? just imagining with good breath control that could make for some interesting fireplay.

labor idea that I am sure has been thought up before but I don't know where 

We just need like an unemployed union to like fight for fairer interview practices and help people get by while unemployed so they don't feel compelled to take the first job that gives them an offer even if its a bad place for them.

We can let everybody be in it and pay some kind of income to all the members to help with the basics.

When I die I want to be frozen so that I can wake up after walt disney does just to be like ha we're still here at him.

Anxiously awaiting to see how my players subvert plans this week. Especially sinc ewe haven't played since last year.

United states infrastructure collapse 

We really need to get some mesh networks going ahead of the inevitable collapse.

uspol, apocalypse, tongue in cheek 

on the bright side if the USA collapses I think that means I get to keep this new work laptop I got.

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