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responses to fear/stress 


DND Character idea: a Necromancer named 死者は死者を倒す必要があります

tired: yolo
wired: Memento Mori
inspired: Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru

Fun game, casting doubt on whether or not you are actually a human and then once someone takes the bait arguing vehemently that you are in fact human.

re: game idea, ttrpg 

I wish i remembered what this idea was in response too

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local, post pandemic speculation 

If the pandemic is resolved in time for the next trans health conference that will be an interesting explosion of sexual energy.

how isolated, disaffected, and angry at the world do I need to get before an anime protagonist shows up to power of friendship me?

if heely's only have one wheel how do you like do the thing?

you of course obviously mean well with your innocent question but bad actors use the type of questions you would ask as a means of harassment and time wasting for people and make it more difficult for you. You should be upset at them not the targets of their harassment.

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before you assume your question is too nuanced or specific to find on your own via search please just try typing your exact question into a search engine. Even if you don't find the direct answer you can maybe find enough background information to present as a show of good faith to the stranger you are asking the time of to answer your question.

re: Discourse number 5 

a little bit of meta by my side.

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Discourse number 5 

[This space left intentionally blank]

If you're tired of talking about racism imagine how tired we are of living it.

If you're tired of talking about transphobia imagine how tired we are of living it.

If you're tired of... fuck it i'm too tired to go on w/this right now.

A big problem with the fediverse is the fragmentation of threads. I see folks refering to conversations that happened in threads but I cannot see half the posts in the thread.

Everyone viewing the same conversation can get very different viewpoints from only seeing one side of a conversation.

This isn't the cause of problems we have but I imagine it certainly exacerbates them.

race, placating whiteness 

I feel like, having grown up surrounding by whiteness my general social skills are suffused through with placating whiteness in strange and insidious ways I don't see myself?

Like my telling white people their awful and fucked up is somehow couched in comforting whiteness more then other black folks just trying to live their lives?

I dunno what I'm doing differently that makes white folks so comfortable but I want to learn so I can stop it.

Remember the fediverse is not a mature social media platform.

It's 3 adolescent social media platforms in a trenchcoat but they're also stitched together.

I feel like if I don't aim for like 100% binary woman I'll get labelled as basically a dude which is like, not a vibe.

I like feminine nouns and titles and things but I shouldn't have to "round up" to woman in order to feel comfortable asking for those things?

Why is gender so complicated?

lewd implied, drawn eye contact 

Me heading out into the world once I've found my self confidence and am finally comfortable with myself. (and the pandemic is resolved)

not only do I think quote boosts should be a thing but they should be the only thing*.

Give me some context for why you are sharing the thing I am following you not the person you're boosting why is their thing relevant to you?

*this opinion may change in 5 minutes.

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