@shoofle that's an angle you could certainly go I was thinking a typical chosen one story just with a focus group

Chosen one story but they weren't chosen by a prophecy or anything just by a focus group

re: cursed content, body horror, lewd, violence, genitals, bad joke, gore 

d'abord la petite mort, puis la grande

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cursed content, body horror, lewd, violence, genitals, bad joke, gore 

Okay but what if you could get your genitals replaced with a rail gun. So you can rail people while you rail them?

Dear Black People 

I hope your whole week is spectacular.

re: Kink 

@AudreyJune This folks is what you call flipping the switch.

I wish my notifications window included what time someone favourited a status? like i only see what time the original status was and the older the status was the less information i have about when that came in.

D&D, self made war-lock 5/5 

14th level
Infectious Personality: Whenever a creature would become frightened of you, you may decide to have them become charmed by you for the duration instead.

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D&D, self made war-lock 4/5 

10th level
Burn Bright: You may gain a level of exhaustion to restore one of your warlock spell slots as a bonus action. If you use the slot this turn all targets have disadvantage for any saving throws the spell imposes and take additional damage equal to your charisma modifier on a failed save.

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D&D, self made war-lock 3/5 

6th level
Command the Stage: Whenever an enemy ends their movement adjacent to you they must make a wisdom saving throw vs your warlock space save DC on a failure they take psychic damage equal to your charisma modifier and are frightened of you until the beginning of their neck turn. when you reach 10th level in this class this effect happens if they end their turn within 10 feet of you.

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D&D, self made war-lock 2/5 

1st level
Bulwark: when you fail a saving throw you may roll an additional 1d6 and add the result to your roll. You may do this a number of times equal to your charisma modifier.
in addition you gain advantage on saving throws against spells or effects that would cause you to be charmed or frightened.

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D&D, self made war-lock 1/5 

What if your character's Ego was big enough to be their patron?

Self made Warlock!

(this needs some templating work but general idea)

expanded spell list
1st: disguise self, Heroism
2nd: alter self, Enhance Ability
3rd: Aura of Vitality, Create Food and Water
4th: Polymorph, Fabricate
5th: Creation, Hallow

The Game 

Congratulations you won!: xkcd.com/391/

*If you have no idea what this is referring to don't worry you're better off that way.

idea: putting woman in the alignment section of my character sheet and chaotic neutral in the gender section.

wandavision spoilers 

I'll do you one better, Why was Agatha all along?

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