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Got a few items from blackmarzian jewelry ( I'll get better pictures eventually but want to share.

crispr, goblinization 

Okay so whose got a spare $18k I can borrow to get some tusks and horns?

Selfie, risque, flashing colors, eye contact 

Same image from earlier today just with some flashing rainbow colors

Risque, selfie, eye contact, open button up 

Good morning everybody.

selfie eye contact, timeline 

I saw an old picture of me from 6 years ago and I think its a little weird to see now.

Selfie, swimsuit, eye contact, topless 

So my old swim suit may no longer be appropriate but also doesn't quite fit as well as last time I tried it on. I guess I've gotten at least a little bit more butt since then.

Plus two random angles cause I was already taking pictures. Not necessarily flattering but pfft.

Selfie, eye contact 

Good morning fedi. Remember not to blame Monday for the evils of capitalism.

Jokes aside your knees should not suddenly stop working when you turn 30 and if they do please consider seeing a doctor.

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