topless, thirst, selfie, eye contact 

Have you had enough water today? Here you go hydrate yourself.

selfie, mask 

playing some more with image manipulation while waiting for ebsynth to finish rendering images for my video project. Before and after here.

selfie, no eye contact, mask, filtered, blades 

Playing around with images and videos. this is a random clip from a video I took out and did a style too.

future plan is to stylize an entire video but i ran out of juice tonight so we just have one frame.

open sorcery: sea++ spoilers, gnomes, activism 

response from a gnome named David when I asked if I could join the protest for the inaccessible conditions of the palace.

lewd implied, drawn eye contact 

Me heading out into the world once I've found my self confidence and am finally comfortable with myself. (and the pandemic is resolved)

happy 2021, selfie,eye contact 

First selfie of 2021! what was your first selfie of 2021?

top discourse, tongue in cheek. 

Wait is this all there is too it? Oh that's a lot easier then i made myself believe. Is this what y'all want?

selfie, no eye contact, mask 

I got the cool Halo thing I ordered back in september int he mail today. its not quite the same color as my mask but i don't know if its different enough to clash but its neat looking regardless.

re: black super powers day 

When its 2 hours in and i still don't have any (observed) powers yet...

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selfie, video, eye contact, bladed weapons 

The category is Anime Antagonist.

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