Selfie, eye contact, implied violence 

Doing some experiments with getting different kinds of shots.

Topless, rainbow, selfie, eye contact 

Taste the rainbow

Alternatively good afternoon folks

Work out gear, selfie, eye contact, 

Intended to work out but couldn't get enough space to jump rope so took out trash and did dishes instead. I may have lost some of the coordination from when I was doing it more regularly. May just be a center of balance shift.

Centaur Rogue 

My friend went to google images to find art for his Centaur Rogue character and one of the images that came up was... uh... this.


Swimsuit, selfie, eye contact 

Three angles of me in a new swimsuit. Was like how do I put this top on for awhile

Selfie, eye contact, outfit of the day. 

Just a couple of different shots of me in today's outfit: white dress and a little floral print... Uh I'm not sure what this type of thing is called?

uh....lewd I guess? idk wtf, bodily fluids I think?, cursed 

Twitter is wild today yall.

Selfie, eye contact, yellow 

You've heard of the girl in red get ready for...

The women in yellow.

No relation to Hastur

re: Selfie, eye contact, makeup, bonus image 

and one taken by Gina for a better quality image.

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Planar Shift, echoey audio, fungi 

Watched a documentary about Decay and now I am thinking The high priestess adversary whose abilities all kind of center around converting things to her side should be all fungus themed.

Boots, selfie, eye contact 

The big boots have arrived. My calves are a little too big to zip them all the way up though.

Selfies, jewelry, metalwork, eye contact 

Got a few items from blackmarzian jewelry ( I'll get better pictures eventually but want to share.

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