dnd character thoughts 

if you knew a Centaur anarchist with high school level maturity. What kind of things would you convince them to do because it would be funny to see what happens?

re: dnd character thoughts 

I should convince him to take a level of bard so he can be the Centaur of attention.

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dnd character thoughts 

@imani probably jump over ridiculous obstacles or something. or maybe play a leg-central sport like soccer or ski

re: dnd character thoughts 

@umalkosh both characters are adults mind you. High school was just a reference to the level of maturity to distinguish high school anarchist from regular anarchist.

That said obstacles, especially for a Centaur is amusing.

re: dnd character thoughts 

@umalkosh a Centaur might be really good at soccer. Just keep the ball between their legs harder to go after it.

re: dnd character thoughts 

@imani more legs to trip over the ball too though, unlike humans i imagine its a bit harder for a centaur to see what's going on around their back legs

dnd character thoughts 

@imani one time I ran a game and was low on players, so I said "sure, submit whatever you like as long as it's in an official book."

this is how we got the gryphon who couldn't speak common (because they don't get a second language for several levels) so we just said they had a magic amulet that they spoke through...and more relevantly, a centaur.

and, since I was running a module that I hadn't vetted all the way through (the game started on a whim of me reading a module and several people being bored) we found ourselves in a situation of having a centaur in the party in a classic-style dungeon.

a dungeon with ladders and ropes between levels and over chasms.

did you know climbing is a simple strength check?

you know what centaurs have boatloads of?

just don't try and visualize what a centaur going up or down a ladder looks like

or do, i ain't no cop

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