Folks who struggle with being overly self-critical, harsh on themselves. What are things that help you to be gentler wish yourself?

@imani Sometimes it helps me to listen really close to the tone or origin of self-critical voice and see whether it's actually 'my' voice, if that makes any sense.

If it's not mine, I internally thank it but say I don't need it's feedback right now. Then I think of what I actually want to say to myself, write it out, and say that to me. After a few times, my voice gets clearer than the external one that I'm just remembering and repeating to myself.

@imani i ask if i’d say this to my child-self. i tell myself that there are plenty of other people that will criticize me if i need that feedback, and second guessing myself isn’t my job. reminding myself that i’m an overachiever and if i don’t achieve a goal it’s probably because i set the bar too high, and not because i didn’t do my best.

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