Can i be a trickster spirit but instead of ruining peoples lives, I trick them into achieving their dreams.

Haha gotcha, you thought i was giving you powers to do my bidding but actually you just self actualized.

@imani a lot of people think they can't do things but just need a push in the right direction... I think you can absolutely do this.

@c0debabe of course this could also come in the variety of burn down your apartment while you're gone to force you to do that move you wanted to do.

@imani oh yeah I don't expect it wall to be warm and fluffy from a trickster lol

@c0debabe Want to make your dreams come true?


All right let's get started *torches your current life*

@imani well if that's the case maybe should identify as a pheonix trickster 🤣

@c0debabe too literal hold on one sec *mimics your voice into a telephone saying you quit effective immediately*

@imani does this involve my coloured water balloons with paint idea?

@imani I like the idea of a warlock patron who tells people they're getting magical powers but then at the end is like "I didn't give you any powers! It was within you all along!"

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