Deities, MLM 

Are you a minor spirit or Deity?

Is your waning worshiper base getting you down?

Well I have a great omen for you! I have on offer for you a great method of gaining tons of new followers in no time at all!

Just sign up for our program and you will be given a portfolio of troubled mortals and in exchange for handling a few cases a day you get a cut of the faith energy of an entire pantheon!

Deities, MLM 

Have subordinates or aspects under your demense? Recruit them in the process and get an ever bigger cut based on their case load.

Don't like getting your hands dirty? If you recruit at least 5 minor spirits into your team you keep your cut without having to handle cases because you are a power recruiter and we need to utilize your strengths!

We have lots of domains available and can customize your case portfolio to your particular strengths!

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