Folks who have legally changed your name, what unexpected surprises did you run into?

@imani since every company is now pulling names electronically from centralized databases, and they haven't learned that names change....

I got a credit card in the mail a couple of weeks ago with my deadname on it. I changed my name some 4 years ago. They did eventually send me a correct card, but other services just did not have a way of updating my name. They'd pulled it from official government sources using my national ID number. So they didn't give the user a way to change it.
So I stopped using some services.

@panina even outside of name changes more companies should give you a field for what you would like them to call you and then actually use that. The most recurring surprise has been how often my old name gets stuck in computer systems and changing the name means the new name only perpetuates through some parts of the system and not others, so my old name keeps coming up randomly in the most unexpected weird places. For a more pleasant surprise, apparently it's possible to arrange email systems so emails to your old address and new address go to the same inbox, and multiple places have set that up for me. Um... oh, and that information about changing your name on a marriage certificate is usually unavailable.

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