Fight Club but its people practicing speaking up for themselves/having confrontations with each other so they can better assert themselves and their boundaries in the outside world.

If it's your first time, you have to get in a fight.

"oh no I'd rather not"

"come on just a little argument, you'll be fine"

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would folks be interested in some kind of digital version of this?

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@imani for a long time i've believed that it would be good for people to practice saying no and enforcing their boundaries and i'm so glad i'm not alone in this idea

@imani like a structured situation with a safeword where someone is going to push past a boundary of yours and you're going to say no. like a little staged argument so that you get used to the physical sensation of saying "no, i'm not comfortable with that", so that it's not new to you when you actually need it

@imani *throws a punch*

"woah, woah, what gives? get that toxic shit out of here"

@imani "The first rule of needs and boundaries club is you do indeed talk about your needs and boundaries."

@platypus thats the idea get overwhelmed in a safe environment to get used to it and hopefully not be overwhelmed later

@imani thinking now about this post (header "Philosophy We Misconstrue") and specifically the part on white ppls LARPing stoicism vs. the POINT of doing this kind of work, which is being able to handle those kinds of real situations not like... lying on the floor in Starbucks.

@c0debabe or even real conflict with a pre-negotiated safeword that means all sides drop the subject immediately without questions asked.

@imani this sounds absolutely terrifying.

If this actually happens, no one is allowed to tell my wide or she'd make me participate. Because it also sounds rather healthy.

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