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one day my true self will emerge from this shell confident and resplendent and then its over for all you subs.

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My biggest work in progress is to simultaneously treat others well without shrinking or apologizing for being myself.

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Thirst traps, advice needed 

So how do I get saphics to leave thirsty comments on my pictures?

Request for mutuals 

Boost a selfie or some art from a black or indigenous person (other then me.)(that they are okay with getting boosted) Today. I think it's a small request in return for sitting through all the whiteness y'all boost normally.

If you see this boosted the person who boosted is asking that of their mutuals.

What dnd class would you be in real like and why?

What dnd class do you think I would be and why?

How does our dynamic work if we are in the same party?

Now that the masc mandate is ending are we going to get a femme mandate?

Enough real time strategy... Where is our surreal time strategy game?

Sometimes y'all act like you hate whiteness and white supremacy but you're really just like carrying out your masochistic self loathing in what you feel is a productive manner but just be sure you're actually helping people and not just on some nihilistic power fantasy about going out in a blaze of glory but actually leaving more problems for people left in your wake.

I don't think enough people get told their pretty for a white girl and we should really fix this imbalance in our society.

Monsters, veganism, vore 

Once we discovered plant people we realized the only ethical food choice was either photosynthesis or sentient food we can communicate with and ask for consent.


Human bones are technically biodegradable and, as long as ethically sourced, are a great building or craft material.

They can in fact be the most ethical building material because the source can consent to their usage.

Magic, fiction, summoning, sex 

I didn't ask if it was a good idea, I asked how can I summon something that either I can fuck or will fuck me now if you're not going to help me please kindly get out of my way and let me into the library.

BDG, religion, birds

Get you some followers who will make videos like this for you.

Idea: an app called strikr where you can pledge to strike if a certain number of folks also agree to do it. When the threshold is reached everyone who pledged gets mailed and can organize when to do it.

Secondary function: allow pledges to be collected to cover wages during.

milf meta 

does one have to have kids to be a milf or just be old enough that they could have adult children?

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