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My biggest work in progress is to simultaneously treat others well without shrinking or apologizing for being myself.

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I saw earlier today someone say that Lil Nas X is doing what Todrick Hall thinks he's doing and like its true but did they have to go for Todrick's neck like that?

Kink, music 

Call and response but instead of song it's a kink scene.

re: Topless, rainbow, selfie, eye contact 

sorry for the delete realized I forgot to CW eye contact

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Selfie, eye contact, implied violence 

Doing some experiments with getting different kinds of shots.

Topless, rainbow, selfie, eye contact 

Taste the rainbow

Alternatively good afternoon folks


Friend: can y'all do a protection spell for me?
Their friend: I've got a collapsible baton

In dnd we call this spell shillelagh

Open to get praised 

Good job! You follow directions so well.

Your next task is to try and be gentle with yourself about your flaws today okay?

Early in the story a body gets out of range of the telepathy and gets lost and they become the first new version weeks later when they find their way back

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Not very noticeable at first because it takes time for them to develop and they usually only control a body for minutes at a time

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Story where person can take over multiple bodies but the versions of them on different bodies begin to develop distinct personalities that get transferred back to the main body when they release the control.

Reckless abandonment, consciousness, lewd 

Really I want to just black out until my projects are done or it's time to top someone.

I put away clothes from the clothes chair, please clap.

Game where instead of getting to pet the dog you get to be the dog 

I expected there to be some horny art googling for potential images to use for a character portrait for my Satyr character in our D&D session but wow the internet really exceeded my expectations.

Still sad that "black female satyr" as a search term results in a good deal of white characters.

agoraphobia, covid-19, vaccine 

how many months post vaccine does it take for the pandemic agoraphobia to go away?

Work out gear, selfie, eye contact, 

Intended to work out but couldn't get enough space to jump rope so took out trash and did dishes instead. I may have lost some of the coordination from when I was doing it more regularly. May just be a center of balance shift.

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