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My biggest work in progress is to simultaneously treat others well without shrinking or apologizing for being myself.

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Selfie, eye contact, outfit of the day. 

Just a couple of different shots of me in today's outfit: white dress and a little floral print... Uh I'm not sure what this type of thing is called?

I should commission a drawing of me but like with lots of extra eyes and Hyphae wings.

Angels, worship kink, fear 

Descending upon you wreathed in fire and eyes like: 'do worship me, do be afraid'

Transformation, gentle reassurance 

Right now just try to remain conscious during the prices. That's all you need to do for the first step. I'll be here with you too prevent you from hurting anyone innocent so just relax into it and let it take over.

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re: Transformation 

Over time you will build trust with each other and you'll get listened to more. If you're lucky, very lucky, you'll be able to have actual conversations with each other. Don't expect it to happen right away though.

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Today is first session on new dnd what voice should I try to use and inevitably give up on fire my mushroom druid?

re: Transformation, food, eating habits 

You can't prevent transforming or the feelings that come with it; but if you let into it, if you accept it, you can remain present during it and kind of be a gentle guide. If you're hungry and must kill and eat something, you can influence who or what gets eaten even if you can't stop the ravenous eating.

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I think getting seen without any glamours up has thrown me off, just need to get a thick coat of unreality back on me and I'll be right as rain.


Take a deep breath in... and slowly let it out.

The trick to maintaining control is to, instead of trying to resist the transformation you have to kind of ride the wave.

me to my therapist: I understand what I am feeling is a trauma response to capitalism, but since I can't abolish capitalism before summertime, how do I cope in the meantime.

My Therapist: :hammer_and_sickle:

all right who is going to write the Fediverse Coffee House AU?

Video Game title idea: Infect your friends and loved ones.

Could be a Zombie game like infectonator but with subtle pro-trans propaganda laced through it.

with if I abdicated all agency and left all my decisions to mastodon polls.

It'd be like twitch plays pokemon, but with real life consequences!

Bonus points if you make index cards of the various things they can do and hand them cards when they figure out part of how the world works so they don't have to keep everything in their heads.

obviously discuss this idea with players before hand, don't just spring this on them.

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campaign idea: everybody makes characters in D&D. After a pretty generic one shot they get hit with a pretty difficult encounter that ends up wiping the party. They wake up in another world.

You have character sheets in a different ttrpg made up for them but you give paper with just the physical description of their new characters. The players figure out the mechanics of the world along with their characters.

I propose 3 laws that will solve all issues we all have with corporations

A corporation may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.

A corporation must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.

A corporation must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

Folks who struggle with being overly self-critical, harsh on themselves. What are things that help you to be gentler wish yourself?

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