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one day my true self will emerge from this shell confident and resplendent and then its over for all you subs.

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My biggest work in progress is to simultaneously treat others well without shrinking or apologizing for being myself.

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re: worldbuilding 

jokes aside Gardens and gentrifiers would be an awesome name for a

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I really love how the folks in my D&D group said instead of dungeons and dragons let's make this gardens and gentrifiers.

If you don't require legal proof of name when someone signs up for an account maybe you don't need it for someone to change their name on the account

Drone , robo , programmerXai 

Just going to modify a few subroutines so you stop being so hard on yourself. No is expecting you to be perfect.

You've got access to the testing library now though so if there's anything important you want to make sure doesn't get corrupted go ahead and write a test for it.

No no don't worry about that folder. If you open it you'll just forget what you find anyway

magic the gathering, magic the gathering arena 

It's sad to not be able to use Rankle's abiliites but sometimes all you really need is just a 3/3 flyer for 4

re: Open if you're a dog 

I didn't expect anyone besides maybe 1 friend to respond to this yall are so adorable.

A pack of good doggos.

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sing along! 

* to the tune of the mickey mouse song*
*background guillotine noise*

soft vore recommendations 

I want to make a soft vore twine, any recommendations for good things to check out to see how to write vore stuff especially soft vore?

It should be socially acceptable to nibble or gnaw on your friends

I am once again asking for the option to have my replies default to the privacy level of the post I am replying to instead of defaulting to my new post default of followers only.

re: Planar Shift random card, my game work in progress 

the idea here being that you are teaching them how to use and gather attunement which at first is an attunement sink but then over time they are helpful in raising attunement. in retrospect maybe they should be Apprentice instead of Mentee as that describes the relationship I'm describing better... hmm... but there's a lot of baggage and implications with that term I don't want to use it.

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Planar Shift random card, my game work in progress 

For the Anchor I wanted to make sure to include at least one other character in her starting deck so first stab at this is the Mentee.

3 attunement to recruit
0 attack/1 defense
1 attunement, action: gain 1 attunement per training counter on Mentee, then put 1 training counter on Mentee.

, ,

falcon and the winter soldier spoilers 

2 decades ago:
These people look queer that's how you know they're bad
now: we're all queer now*

These people use violence against the state that's how you know they're bad...

uhm.... okay *grabs popcorn*

*disclaimer: I know straight people technically still 'exist', its hyperbole for comedic effect not an oversight on my part.

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