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one day my true self will emerge from this shell confident and resplendent and then its over for all you subs.

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My biggest work in progress is to simultaneously treat others well without shrinking or apologizing for being myself.

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us pol, twisting words, incarcerating former presidents 

I can see it now Trump and most of his family except Baron get locked up and the Trump stans start saying "Whos breaking up families now?"

My wish for 2021 is a Black woman protag in a popular video game built like Zarya or Illaoi. Would also love it if she is well written/has some depth to her character but decent writing might be expecting too much idk.

re: overwatch, fanart, fatphobia 

I promise you people looking for Zarya art are not looking for waifs.

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overwatch, fanart, fatphobia 

If you want to dry a skinny woman why are you drawing Zarya? Just do Tracer or Mercy or like any of the other women in the game. ( I know fatphobia may not be quite right since Zarya's not fat just big but I don't know what a better cw would have been? I also think the motivation to draw her as a skinny woman does come from the same impulses as fatphobia so maybe it stands? idk)

can the next mysterious metal monolith be prismatic or iridescent? Really need a new skip to drop for these things

mysterious metal monoliths the new planking. buy a mysterious metal monolith kit today!

The real necromancy was the friends we made along the way.

once a song falls off the top 100 billboard it is added to the old school cannon

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In the future music will only have 2 genres old-school and pop

I wonder how much potentially productive time I've spent on the fediverse.

I wonder how much worse my mental health would be if I'd spent that time working instead.

everyone faving this and then not faving any more posts after it:

Fav more you cowards!

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re: worship kink, financial 

(although those are accurate they are included for effect if you are actually trying to give away money please consider giving it to or any of the trans crowdfund posts that are floating around here. )

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worship kink, financial 

it's okay if you don't have the time or energy to give me the praise and adulation I deserve, I also accept cashapp and venmo

I saw someone asking to tag your politics and my first thought was welp guess I need to remember to tag my selfies politics now too because me existing is political.

But that maybe a bit pedantic and not what they meant but it still is the thing you know?

I feel like things could be a lot better if a lot of people respected individuals as much as they respect institutions.

There were lots of great moments of the good place but the best moment for me, personally, was realizing I am the same height as Tahani.

teasing, messing with the reader's head, semantics 

oh you wanted to be messed with? Well does this count?

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